For many years, we have been developing embedded servers alongside consumer products. Our embedded portfolio includes Computer on Module (CoM), server systems for CoMs and evaluation kits.
We bring embedded to the data center!

We offer Computer on Module (CoM) in the Apalis- and COM Express-Format.

Available modules:

  • Apalis Samsung Exynos 5250, 4 GB RAM, 16 GB Flash, 2 x Gb Ethernet
  • COM Express Xilinx Zynq XC7Z45, ARM Cortex-A9 /w 1 GB RAM, FPGA /w 8 GB RAM, 16 GB flash, high-speed serial interface, 1 x GbE Ethernet


By integrating up to 18 baseboards in 1HE servers, a high packing density is achieved. Thus, even larger installations can be realized in a cost-effective and compact way. Examples include remote desktop environments, video streaming or scale-out high-performance computing (HPC) applications.

Available servers:

  • Arneb: 1HE, 18 Baseboards, Cross ventilation, external 1HE 3kW Power supply
  • Antares: 1HE, 6 Baseboards, integrated power supply

For testing out our embedded computer-on-modules, microserver evaluation kits are available. These evaluation kits offer almost the same flexibility as the complete server solutions. A Host-PC (Windows/Linux) can be connected via USB, running the RECS-Master Software for monitoring and controlling of the CoMs.

Available evaluation kits:

  • Apalis microserver evaluation kit, 4 Slots, 2 x 1 GbE switched
  • COM Express microserver evaluation kit, 1 Slot, 1 x 1 Gb Ethernet, 1 x PCIe x16