Heterogeneous hardware

RECS|Box 3.0 Antares with ARM and x86 CPUs and a GPGPU

Using our RECS®|Box, you can choose just the hardware that you need to get your job done best. You can choose and combine the following technologies:

  • x86 CPU
  • 32/64 bit ARM CPU
  • GPGPU, dedicated or integrated
  • FPGA, standalone or as SoC
  • Xeon Phi
  • PCIe SSD

High energy-efficiency

Choosing the right technology for a problem can boost the overall energy efficiency dramatically. In some use cases, we measured an increased energy efficiency of factor 120 using an FPGA compared to a classical CPU. Still, comparing the FPGA against an optimized GPU implementation doubles the energy efficiency.

Energy costs are the biggest price boosters in data centres. That’s why a high energy efficiency is so important, you safe twice: First you pay less electricity costs for running the servers, then you pay less for cooling.

High-speed interconnect

A new high-speed interconnection between FPGAs has been integrated in the RECS®|Box which reaches a speed of 40 Gb/s and 320 ns latency.