• Two supported Computer-On-Module form factors:
    SMARC and NVIDIA Jetson Xavier / Orin NX
  • Configurable PCIe communication via COM Bricks
  • Integrated 1G Ethernet Switch: 2x RJ45 Ports and SPE
  • Optional PoE injection for Ethernet RJ45 ports
  • LoRaWAN client module, accessible via GUI & REST API
  • Various interfaces for embedded audio / video processing and flexible sensor / actor integration
  • Remote access via Ethernet, WiFi and LoRaWAN
  • Webinterface and public REST API for management and power monitoring

Spring 2024 Sale

We’re planning to produce a further batch of u.RECS platforms in June 2024. If you’re interested in purchasing one or more, let us know!

The u.RECS will be available in three flavours:

  1. Pure u.RECS board, power supply included
  2. Evaluation system, mounted on acrylic carrier, power supply and basic set of cables included
  3. Mounted in the black chassis, power supply included

You can pick & choose just the right microservers you want. See tab „Microservers“ below.